5 reasons why you should buy a copper ceramic skillets

copper ceramic skillets
copper ceramic skillet.

 Five Reasons Why You Should Buy A Copper Ceramic Skillets

What are 5 great reasons why you should buy copper ceramic skillets?  Many of us try to find the best skillet that works for them. Some people try to check on the internet, others – go to stores, look for different kinds, try to find the best one by checking the material, durability, etc. Also, many people are loose themselves in skillets’ varieties and types or sizes.

So, today I would like to discuss 5 great reasons why you should buy a copper ceramic skillets. You probably will ask me why copper ceramic skillets? What are these 5 great reasons? Where should I buy these ceramic skillets? And many other questions come to your mind, right? But, the biggest problem comes to the kitchen lovers: what kind of priorities ceramic copper skillets have?

          But from the beginning:

 5 reasons why you should buy a copper ceramic skillets:

I decided to move from one state to the other state three years ago. I didn’t have many options. And all of them look super and tempting to buy.

I found a lot of pot sets, but I didn’t need sets. Meanwhile, I just wanted to buy a skillet with the glass lid. I was looking over and over, was checking and rechecking. Finally, I found out the best place to buy from – retailer. They sell individual pieces – or “ open-stock”- are widely open.

I was checking Wikipedia for the skillet with non-stick surface. And what I found: non- stick is often used to refer to surfaces  coated with “Teflon”. In twenty-first century other coatings have been marketed as non-stick, such as anodized aluminium, ceramics, silicone, enameled cast iron and seasoned cookware.

In conclusion, I found for myself the red copper nonstick ceramic skillet I like to buy.

 The plan was for 5 great reasons why you should buy a copper ceramic skillets:

  1. 1. Price                                    Non-stick fry pan
  2. 2. Brand
  3. 3. Priorities
  4. 4. Material


First, I found a cheaper version: $ 14 but don’t have a glass lid and 8 inches.

Then, I start looking for more options: I wanted a more significant size with the lid, which allows me to see what is going on inside the skillet; also, eco-friendly or red copper ceramic nonstick skillet.

Finally, I found expensive skillets like All-Clad or Williams Sonoma cost more than $180.

Oh Boy! All these skillets are expensive; I didn’t want to buy it because I just started to live in my new place and I had to buy a lot of other things.


Besides, I was looking one by one, reading about them and found many brands: Deik Frying pan, Rachael Ray, Lagostina, All-Clad, Michelangelo, Cuisinart, Faberware, etc.

But I just wanted to buy a nonstick copper ceramic skillet!


Also, I found red copper ceramic nonstick, nonstick ceramic coated, ultra nonstick ceramic titanium coated, eco friendl copper stainless steel, etc.

And, I lost myself again.


Easy to use and wash in dishwasher.

Nonstick: covered with a substance that prevents food from sticking to it during cooking and allowing easy removal of cooked food from the skillet.

Also, eco-friendly skillets contribute to green living and earth-friendly products.

Finally, I found the skillet I was looking for – healthy nonstick ceramic coated eco-friendly, durable set (8”, 10” and 11”) of 3 skillets! Also, they are copper stainless steel.

                5 great reasons to buy a good, nonstick, ceramic coated, eco –                                                                friendly skillets:

First, price- it is around $ 35 for a set of 3.

Second,  easy to use and also clean ( use hot water to rinse and wipe with a paper towel), lightweight. Compare to the price, this kind of skillet is of good quality.

Third,  light-weighted skillets are perfect for people who have arthritis and other wrist problems.

Also, nonstick because ceramic coated and less prone to chipping. However, ceramic skillets would give you the health benefits and are completely 100% PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium free. According to CatRox: for example;  for fried chicken you can use less breading; less fat and you get a nice crispy chicken.

And, versatility and durability. This kind of skillet suitable for cooking, frying, heating food, sauteed. Besides, skillets are oven safe up to 350 degrees. Whether you fry veggies, fish, or meat, the result is more tasteful and crispier. Another thing to note is to keep the skillets on medium-high heat. This will prolong the copper ceramic skillets’ life. Also, skillets can resist scratching the surface ( because of coating) — my advice: use plastic or silicone utensils.

Warranty- most of the warranty on the copper ceramic skillets three to five years, according to DuPont’s estimate.

Safe-  copper ceramic skillets are new age cookware thais baked in a kiln, which makes the ceramic longer-lasting, durable, stronger, and less prone to damage. Copper ceramic skillets do not contain the chemicals and 100%


First, copper skillets provide quick and even cooking.

Second, ideal for high-heat searing, sautéing, and frying.

Third, nonstick coatings effortlessly release delicate foods, including eggs and pancakes.

And, nonstick skillets need less oil for cooking.

Also, easy to clean and wash ( dishwasher -safe). Avoid using an abrasive scouring pad.

Fifth, products heat well

And,  quality- skillets are lightweight and have the metal handle; you can use it in the oven.


First, some nonstick skillets are safe for use metal utensils or gadgets.

Second, some of them are pricey.

And, skillets can dent easily.

Also, skillets have nickel in the coating.


” This pan is great for eggs. I love the cool handle. It  never even gets warm.”

” Great non-stick pan for the price.”

“Great frying pan. I bought this frying pan to see if the nonstick ads were true. This construction of the pan is great”.

” A good buy. Works so far as advertised”.

                                                                                                                       Bottom Line

In short, my opinion is authentic, and I highly recommend a copper ceramic skillets to everyday use. Also, they have an excellent cooking surface for certain things. And, it is the best kitchen tool for frying, sauteed, cooking.

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