Brainstorming With Fried Potato Pancakes

       Brainstorming With Fried Potato  Pancakes

Fried potato pancakes
A plate of potato pancakes on the table and a glass of milk

There are so many recipes from potatoes you can read at Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  But I would like to share the best recipe ever how to prepare crunchy outside and soft and tasty inside fried potato pancakes( flat cakes). This recipe came from my family (my grandmas’ recipe), but I will share with you all, guys …..So…. there is a real brainstorming with fried potato pancakes recipe!

                       A little bit about potatoes and potato pancakes

Potatoes are the fourth largest crop in the World, and they came from Latino America.( Wikipedia) As a result, they were introduced to Europe in the 15th. Century. However,  potatoes ( and brainstorming with potato pancakes ) are rich in vitamins ( vitamin C, B 6) and full of fibers. The skin improves blood lipid levels and regulates blood glucose.  So, highly recommended for people with diabetes. Also, gluten-free produce. In other words, potatoes and brainstorming with fried potato crepes are a good substitute for bread, grain, or pasta dishes.

Meanwhile, we have a large variety: red and white, yellow also, purple, russet, etc. Of cause, you all can prepare different kinds of dishes. Therefore, we see baked and fried or boiled; Also, mashed potatoes or improvisation with potato pancakes: simple fried potato pancakes. In other words, potato pancakes are a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on the skillet. They also called potato crepes.

                                        What are fried potato pancakes?

My favorite food is chocolate, cakes also, meat and pasta dishes but potato pancakes? No way! What are they? French fries? No, no, no! In short, what kind of food is potato pancakes? And how to prepare them? However, many questions going through your head, right? But believe me, flat potato cakes are very easy to make and super – tasty. They are crunchy on the outside and of the cause, soft on the inside. These crepes are one of my favorite and easiest dishes to prepare, though. In conclusion, I believe they will become one of your favorite foods too… And brainstorming with fried potato pancakes makes you excited!

                           What makes these fried potato crepes so delicious?

First: spices, salt.

Second, crispy outside with a soft inside. Flat cakes need a minimum of spices.  Just only a pinch of black pepper also, a         clove of garlic, couple slices of onion and, of the cause, a pinch of salt.

Also, when frying them, they become crunchy outside and wonderfully tasty and soft inside though.

And: quick preparation (15-20 min.)

Third: grilling in a skillet (5- 7 min.)

Then, use a medium-size bowl.


A hand iron grinder

Or electric vegetable grinder (even better)

                                            The first part of brainstorming with flat cakes

I like to add vegetables like zucchini, carrots and pumpkin or squash, even meat….or just go with the simple original way. It is up to you because you are the queen of your thoughts!. However, I decided to add vegetables: just grained them up and mix them with grained potatoes. When I choose to use meat, combine beef, or pork.   That makes the meat softer. Of cause, you can use veal, goat, etc.

                                           The second part of improvisation with potato crepes

Also, drizzles of something creamy ( sour cream) or crunchy (bacon) or whatever you can think of: chopped dill or parsley and green onions. Also, I  use sour cream and onion/bacon dressing or go with just a tablespoon of sour cream.

Anyway, you all choose to prepare potato pancakes you all will enjoy. Frying potato pancakes – takes less time to prepare.  Adding vegetables or even meat takes longer, but you REALLY enjoy the dish. Everything is up to you! I believe potato pancakes will become the most wanted dish on your dinner table!

                        Simple improvisation with  fried potato pancakes

Author: Jidrone Paliskis

Prep time:   10 min. (with an electric grinder)

Fry time: 5 – 8 min

Total time: 15 – 25 min.

simple tasty fried potato pancakes
simple, tasty fried potato pancakes


Potatoes: 5 – 6 large (russet)

Onion: 1 medium size ( yellow or sweet)

eggs: 2 large or 3 medium


flour: 1 tablespoon

tasty potato pancakes with sour cream and cup of coffee

garlic: 1 clove, minced

salt: a pinch

                                                        Also, we need for a flat cake:

oil: 1 cup ( sunflower, olive, canola, vegetable or anyone)

pepper (optional): pinch

vegetables ( optional): zucchini, squash or pumpkin also, carrots.

meat ( optional): beef, pork or veal – ground/ combination

                                                      You need:

medium-size bowl and large size skillet, the biggest spoon you all have or small size of a ladle.

                                                         For dressing:                                                       

simple tasty potato crepes
A plate of potato crepes on the table.

onion: 1 medium


bacon: 10 slices ( or less)

sour cream: 2-3 tablespoons


dill or parsley, green onions ( optional)

                                                       Instruction for preparing fried pancakes

First, peel potatoes, wash them good and using a grinder ( hand or electric) grate them in the bowl.

Second, dice onion and mince garlic. Then, beat eggs

In addition, add onions, garlic,  beaten eggs, and  flour, salt and mix well

        Tip: if you want to add vegetables, it is a perfect time to do so, just grate them and mix everything together.

                                                               The workflow of  fried flat cakes

Take a big skillet and pour 0.5 cup of vegetable oil ( or any kind is OK) and heat for 30 sec. to 1 min. Now, the fun part starts: take the biggest spoon you have at home or a small size ladle. Grab some potato batter with the ladle (or spoon) and pour it into the skillet. After that, I always lower the heat to medium. You need to lower the heat too(otherwise pancakes will burn). Also, add vegetable oil if need. Fry one side ( like pancakes) and when the side becomes a nice golden brown color (but not too dark) just turn over. Fry till golden brown color and VOILA! YOU are DONE!

          Tip: add some more oil to the skillet if you need to.

                                                                         Dressing for pancakes:

Mix chopped onion and cut bacon slices (10). Fry on the skillet. Then,  when almost done, just add sour cream and fry together around one minute. For the creativity, you can sprinkle chopped dill, parsley and/or green onions, sour cream, and even little pieces of salmon on the top.

                         Brainstorming with fried potato pancakes with meat

If y’all decide to add the meat it is a little more work you need to do.

First, you need to prepare the meat:

0.5 LB.of beef

0.5 LB, of pork

0.5 cup of milk

                                Simple brainstorming with fried potato pancakes  with sour cream

crunchy outside and soft inside simple potato pancakes
crunchy potato pancakes

Pinch of seasoning

Pinch of salt and pepper

Mix all together very well.

If y’all don’t want to add milk also, you can use beef bullion. I put a spoon of bouillon powder to the hot water (0.5 cup ) and mix together.


Follow instructions from 1 to 4. In the skillet with hot oil pour potatoes batter and start frying one side.


Take a little ball of meat and smash it ( make a little pancake). Then, put on the top of frying potatoes batter. Next, cover a skillet and lower the heat. Then, when you see the meat change the color ( become a little bit brown) pour potatoes batter on the top of meat.  Cover a skillet and fry again for a little bit more. After that, flip on the other side and fry until golden brown. And… ALL DONE! Finally, you just fried potato-meat crepes! What a brainstorming fried potato pancake recipe!

Put on the plate and sprinkle chopped dill or parsley, green onions. Or, just go with chopped and fried onion/bacon dressing. In addition, pour sour cream on the side. Enjoy!

                                                                           VOILA! BON APPETIT!

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