Get Kitchen Witchin’

Get Kitchen Witchin’- cauldron education for basic witch

Get kitchen witchin' - cauldron for camping
cauldron for camping

Get Kitchen Witchin’ – cauldron education for  basic witch. What is this mean? Cauldron? What is that? Many questions came up,right?

I want to talk not about witches cauldron but a cauldron is actually good for. By the way, what is a cauldron? According to Wikipedia, the definition of the cauldron: pot, kettle, vat, container, tank, and many more.” Cauldron -is a large metal pot with a lid and handle, used for cooking over an open fire.”( Wikipedia)

I discovered a few more interesting things:

Cauldron Band – is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 2006 in Toronto, Ontario.

Leaky Cauldron – was a popular wizarding pub and Inn located in London, outside the Wizarding World on Charing Cross Road in the novels and movies.

Cauldron Minecraft – is a block that can hold water. It is also a job site block used by leather workers in villages.

Witches cauldron – in fiction, witches often prepare their portion in a pot.

Cauldron used to make moon water, burn oils, perfect for fire festivals.

witches cauldron- get kitchen witchin'
witches cauldron

Origin of cauldron

1250-1300, Middle England

Most often, this bucket is made of cast iron and used for mixing herbs

and make salt or food.

The word “cauldron” borrowed from Norman “cauldron.” They were

e found from the Late Bronze Age period – a capacity of 60-70 liters. Small cauldrons were used as cooking vessels; others – cultural symbols-Olympic Flame burns for the duration of the Olympic Games.

              Get Kitchen Witchin’

or cauldron education for the basic witch


A lot of people will agree with me that camping is fantastic. It is incredible to run away from the big city’s traffic, dust, daily routine, bills, responsibilities….to nature, and stay overnight.

One beautiful fall weekend, my husband and I decided to go camping at Red Top Mountain State Park, GA. My daughter and her family also joined us. So, four adults and two little kids packed and drove to the mountains.

A week before camping, I was looking for the cauldron to buy, so we could create simple dishes for dinner using a campfire. We didn’t want to take many pots or skillets. The biggest reason why we wanted to buy a kettle – we don’t have an SUV or a vast car, just regular minivan and trunk is not that big enough for many things. Also, we took the little kids ( our grand kids) for the very first time.

In short, I started looking for the cauldron that fit my family ’s size. I was using Google, Amazon, E-bay, and other stores. And I was happy about what I found! A cast-iron 8-quart cauldron with the lid and handle, and we bought right away!

From my experience:

I highly recommend you to use a Sunnydaze Large Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Deep Black Duch Oven Pot with Lid and Handle- 8-quart metal camping cookware dish – camp chili, stew, gumbo, or soup pot (cauldron). It is big enough for the family’s dinner and small enough to pack it for camping.

Dimensions: 15”L x 12” W x 6” H; 18.2 lbs, holds 8 qt.

Material: made from heavy-duty cast iron. Durable cauldron evenly disperses its heat to ensure all food is cooked thoroughly.

The pot is pre-seasoned and ready to use right away.

It has a 1- year manufactures warranty.

cast iron Dutch oven pot - get kitchen witchin
cast iron Dutch oven pot

What kind of food can you do?

Any kind: started from soup, goulash, chili, potato and sausages, stew.

How to clean a cauldron after use:

If the food didn’t stick on it, you could use a plastic scraper to get any residue. Or, wipe it out with a paper towel or cloth. Put some oil on it. Also, you can add some warm water and a pinch of salt.

Tips for cauldron outdoor campfire cooking:

1. Don’t get the fire too hot. Let the fire burn down first.

2. Use the lid. You need to put coals on the top of the cover so that you can have even heating, and you are not burning the bottom while the top is not getting done.

3. Make a separate fire. It allows you to add fresh coals and keep on cooking.

4. Dry the cauldron thoroughly after washing it.

5. The most crucial action – re-oil the pot – it prevents your pot from rusting.


Get kitchen witchin'- iron cast oven pot
iron cast oven pot

1. Sturdiness 4.9

2. Value of money 4.4

3. Giftable 4.3

4. Great size for a bigger family, quality casting

5. It takes little space in the car’s trunk.

6. Perfect for cooking but baking.


1. Heavy

2. Manufactures warranty only for a 1-year

3. Re-oil the pot after every use.

4. The surface is rough, so it is not very perfect for baking ( fish)


5 stars – Amazon Customer

I was very impressed with this Dutch oven! The first thing I made was a big pot of chili and it came out fantastic! Then I made some Chicken noodle soup that was fantastic also! If you don’t have one get one! You won’t be sorry!

5 stars – Amazon Customer

I absolutely love the dutch oven. It cooks food wonderfully, thoroughly, and evenly in less time than I thought it would. Holds a lot of food, I made stew in this and I could fit more veggies in than I could with my slow cooker. I love the amount of space it has, plus it is easy to clean and oils up easily!

5 stars – Amazon Customer

Bought this right before a camping trip for 20 people; Could not have chosen to better!

When we back from the mountains, I wanted to try the iron cast pot at home, so I decided to try an Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven 4.3 quart.

I found that it is:

1. Easy to use 4.8

2. Heat distribution 4.8

cast iron pot with lid - get kitchin witchin
cast iron pot with lid

3. Versatility 4.7

4. Easy to clean 4.6

5. Durability 4.6

6. Giftable 4.4

7. Braising 4.3

8. Baking 4.6

Enameled Cast Iron pot made with heavy-duty cast iron, retains heat well and distributes it evenly. Heat spreads thoroughly across its wide, flat base and all the way up the tall sides for optimal cooking results. Even more, it comes with an enamel finish that won’t react to food. It makes the pot an excellent choice for marinating, cooking, and storing food.

Safe for all cooking surfaces, including on a stove top, in the oven or on a barbecue.


It is 4.3 – Quart enameled cast-iron Dutch oven for baking, braising, roasting, and more.

Oven- safe to 400 degrees F; suitable for all cooking surfaces; hand washing only

Handle with care on glass or ceramic stove tops to prevent scratching.

Loop side handles for easy transport; secured lifting lid.

Easy care: for best results, cook using low to medium heat, and always add water or oil when heating.

Avoid metal utensils. Use heat- resistant silicone, plastic, or wooden tools only.

Wash with soapy water, rinse, and hand dry to avoid rusting.


1. Easy to clean

2. Great value

cast iron pot with lid - get kitchen witchin'
cast iron pot with lid

3. Heavy duty

4. Cooks evenly

5. Great price


1. Heavy

2. Sometimes the enamel starts chipping ( if using metal tools)

3. Don’t use the dishwasher


5 stars

Great value and performance

This is the first “Amazon Basics” item I have ever purchased and I am not disappointed. It is so easy to clean and the heat distributes very evenly. I’m not used to have iron cast pot so I need to immediately dry the exposed rims of the pot and the lid, but that’s not a problem. Because the bottom is an enamel surface I noticed faint scratches after sliding it over the oven rack and now have to be more careful. But I’m still very happy with the purchase and will consider purchasing more ” Amazon Basics” items in the future.

5 stars

Great product and a better value

Overall quality is great and product is just as advertised. Clean polished ceramic coating. The pot works great on the top stove.( don’t forget the mittens). This was so good I purchased the smaller version of the same pot.

5 stars

Great investment for your kitchen

Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways! The color is so pretty, firstly. Secondly it is a perfect size and easy to clean. I use this pot all the time and highly recommend! I have another brand of Dutch oven that is in the $200-$300 price range and it works just as well. It truly is my favorite tool in my kitchen.

In conclusion:

Anyway, it is a wonderful addition to my cookware collection. I’m using it for baking, boiling braising, or rousting. Begin by browning or sautéing on the top stove, then add liquids and finish in the oven. I highly recommend buying it. Get kitchen witchin and Happy Shopping!

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Asian cauldron - get kitchen witchin'
Asian cauldron


Get kitchen witchin’ -cauldron education for the basic witch

camping cauldron - get kitchen witchin'
camping cauldron
cast iron cauldron with 3 legs - get kitchen witchin'
cast iron cauldron with 3 legs
camping cauldron - get kitchen witchin'
camping cauldron
Get kitchen witchin' - African cauldrons
Get kitchen witchin’ – African cauldrons
cast iron pot - get kitchen witchin'
cast iron pot
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