Hot vegetable-hard salami cupcakes

Hot vegetable – hard salami                    cupcakes

baked vegetable – hard salami cupcakes

I always wanted to prepare something unique, like a hot vegetable – hard salami cupcakes. According to Wikipedia, cupcakes are a small cakes designed to be eaten by one person.

So,” Hot vegetable-hard salami cupcakes” recipe I created by accident.

Last Saturday I was

chilling at home doing nothing like, checking my e-mails and reading stories on FB also,  playing games on a cellphone.

So, how I created little appetizers: ( hot  vegetable- hard salami cupcakes)

Suddenly, I hear the doorbell ringing. Thought, “who is there? I’m not waiting for anybody”. Anyway, I open the door and saw my best friend standing in front of me.  That was unusual for her ( she always calls me before she comes to my house). However, I let her in my house ( she is my best friend!).

And we started talking about the “good old days,” “boyfriends” etc.

                         Time flew by, and:

We became hungry, so I decided to prepare some food for ourselves. At this point, I open the refrigerator but didn’t see anything catching my eye. However, we started thinking about what we can prepare. Suddenly, a good idea came to my mind: I will try to bake vegetable – hard salami “cupcakes.” Like little muffins ( minnies), just made from vegetables ( any kind, like tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, etc.), hard salami also cheese.

              And we started  hot vegetable-hard salami cupcakes:

hot veggie - egg whites minnies: spinach and tomato/onions muffins
Hot vegetable- egg whites cupcakes

We took a few slices of white bread, onions, and garlic also, red and yellow bell peppers. Besides, we took a few slices of hard salami and shredded cheese. And lay everything out. Then, my friend diced all vegetables and hard salami. ( Yay !, We going to do little  vegetable and hard salami cupcakes !!!)

                             Looking forward:

After that, I took a cutting board and roller. Put a few slices of white bread on the board. Then, I took a big glass (wine glass is perfect) and clenched circles from the slices of bread.

clenched circles for hot vegetable-hard salami muffins
clenched circles using glass for hot vegetable-hard salami minnies

                Making  hot vegetable-hard salami                                           cupcakes:

Next, I took the roller and started to roll them. In short, we made slices thinner and bigger. My friend cut off one side of the bread to the middle. Once she cut off, we sprayed a pan with no-stick cooking spray and all these circles laid in the pan. In other words, I made bread  minnie” cups.”

preparation of hot vegetable-hard salami minnies: rolled circles, made them bigger and thinner for hot vegetable-hard salami minnies
rolled rings made them bigger and thinner

Then, we started made bread to fill in these “cups” with shredded cheese, chopped onion, and diced garlic. Also, cut tomatoes and bell peppers and added some diced hard salami.

preparation of hot vegetable-hard salami muffins: cut vegetables and shredded cheese, some spices
chopped onions and garlic, shredded cheese and cut vegetables
filled " cups" with vegetables, hard salami and cheese - for hot vegetable-hard salami cupcakes
fill in “cups” with vegetables, hard salami, and cheese

          Making savory and hot vegetable-hard                          salami cupcakes:

Then, my friend sprinkled some spices and seasoning on the top of salami (I like to use VEGETA, but you can use what you want. Also dills or cilantro), a pinch of salt and black pepper. Finally, sprinkle some shredded cheese on and put in the oven for 13 -15 min at 355 F. Yes, we just did vegetable – hard salami little loaves!

baked hot savoury vegetable-hard salami muffins
Bake “cupcakes” for 13 min. at 355 F

In short, after 13 min of baking, check the  “little loaves” are they ready. If not, leave in oven for one or two minutes more( until cheese melts).

As a result of hot vegetable-hard salami  cupcakes:

Just look at what I created from a few essential ingredients that you probably already have in your house. The whole process – start to finish – should not take more than 20 -25 min.  In conclusion, these cheese and savory muffins are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

After all, we named them ” hot vegetable- hard salami cupcakes.”

                                 Unique Hot  Vegetable – Hard Salami  Cupcakes

Created by JidroneP

Preparing time 10 -12 min

Baking time 10 – 12 min.

Servings 12 “cups.”

Take a cutting board, a roller, and a knife. Also, a cupcake pan and a glass to cut the white part from a slice of bread. Put aside.

                                                     Ingredients for savory little hot vegetable-hard salami cupcakes

White bread slices 12

baked vegetable-hard salami minnies
baked vegetable – hard salami cupcakes

Hard salami 4-6 slices

Onion 1 medium, yellow

Garlic 2 – 3 cloves


Bell pepper 1/5 ( red or yellow, or both)

Tomato 1 medium size

cheese around 4 oz. (shredded, any kind)


spices a pinch

salt a pinch

black pepper a pinch

savoury hot vegetable -hard salami minnies
baked vegetable – hard salami cupcakes

seasoning a pinch


non-stick oil spray

The tips for the hot vegetable – hard salami cupcakes

                                      Tip 1

You can use cherry, plum or beefsteak tomatoes also, Roma.

                                     Tip 2

If you decided to use shredded cheese with jalapeno, sharp or Swiss, Sargento – any kind of spicy cheese, then don’t use extra spices (unless you like very spicy food).

                                     Tip 3

I use 12 cupcake pan because these little hot vegetable-hard salami cupcakes look just right size to eat.

                                     Tip 4

You can substitute hard salami for chicken or ham, mushrooms or pepperoni.

Have a tasty appetizer for unexpected guests and yourself! Enjoy these little, savory, hot vegetable-hard salami cupcakes!

As we see, there are so many variations you can make: don’t like hard salami? So, use bacon instead. Not a fan of bell peppers? Substitute it for spinach….which leads me to my next recipe.

            Hot  spinach – egg whites                                         muffins

Created by JidroneP

Preparing time 10 min.

hot spinach-egg whites muffins/minnies
vegetable – egg whites cupcakes

Baking time 13 – 15 min

Serving 12 “cups.”


Egg whites 12

Baby spinach 4 oz

Tomatoes 1 big ( any kind)

onions 1 medium, yellow

garlic 2 cloves


black pepper a pinch

unique minnie vegetable- egg whites cupcakes
vegetable – egg whites cupcakes

salt a pinch

spices a pinch

seasoning a pinch


Non-stick oil spray

         The workflow of vegetable-                         egg whites muffins:


              Spray the cupcake pan and divide baby spinach evenly amongst the pan. Then, sprinkle diced tomatoes and garlic. Also, add chopped onions. Then, add salt, seasoning, and pepper, even spices. Next, pour the egg whites on the top. And, turn the oven on 355F and bake for 13 – 15 minutes.

                              Enjoy homemade unique and simple hot vegetable – egg whites snacks!

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