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Welcome   Food  Lovers !

hello everybody,My name is Jidrone and I’m a wife., mother and grandmother of 3 and a culinary artist. I would like to share with you the recipes I created . Also, simple recipes will save you time and money.

Would you like to know about me?

Welcome to my Simple Food Recipes For Busy Moms website. My name is Jidrone. I am staid at home grandma of 3. Playing with my grand kids and passing on traditions are my focus as a grandmother and a culinary artist. Would you like to know  about me a little more? There is my  story  about me….Also, I would like to share with you simple food recipes I created.  This is my passion….

A little bit about me-  who I am

I grew up in Lithuania, a little country by the Baltic sea on the coast of agriculture. As I remember from childhood, I always helped my grandma to prepare food, and I loved it! When I grew up I started studying at Culinary school. And there starts my shine. A lot of creations, cries and losses also,vines and excitement, but never gave up, because I felt that is my passion…. Finally, I figure out “who I am”… My goal was to learn how to cook different cultures’ and kinds of dishes also, pass on to my kids and grand kids.  Another excitement – came to US. Started a new life from zero in a country I have never been before: new lifestyle, new language… everything is new… But I did it! Now you know  something about me and who I am.


At the time, I was married to a Lithuanian man and had 3 beautiful kids. When they grew up but, most importantly, I wanted to keep and pass on to them my Lithuanian roots. So we prepared Lithuanian food on weekends. But my biggest goal was to teach them how to make easy and tasty also, quick food dishes. Using American food as a base, coupled with lots of creativity and experimentation finally, I created traditional Lithuanian dishes for my family to enjoy. There is my life’s short story.

Why I want to help people?

We live in 21st.  Century where new technologies ,computers and cellphones are taking off.  We are a hurry everywhere: go to stores, take kids from school or go home and prepare dinner for family and etc. Food preparation takes a lot of time. I know from my experience. Preparing food for family of 5 takes at least two-three hours. After that I didn’t want to do anything, just set down on the couch and relax.

When my kids grew up a little bit, I also,  tried include to them help me for example,  wash vegetables and cut them or just stay close to me and watch my cooking and frying or baking. Let them taste and judge for themselves.

I want to share with you my experience also, new recipes which save your time and, off course, forge a connection between family members. Work together, forget computers, cellphones or TV’s! And enjoy trying new food using my simple recipes for all family!

My goal

Creating and publishing or  focusing on quick and easy recipes  is my lifestyle. I want to guide you to simple and easy also understandable and fast ways  how to prepare tasty dishes your family will love it!

If you love to learn something new you are in right spot!

my grandson preparing french fries
my grandson making french fries
my grandson shows me how he can cut a potato
my grandson shows me how he can cut a potato





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