Pork Chops with the Twist

 Pork Chops with the Twist

Pork Chop with the Twist
baked pork chop with the twist

Pork Chop with the Twist is my family’s favorite dish. To prepare it, doesn’t take a lot of time and produces tender and juicy also savory and flavorful taste. According to Wikipedia, pork chop, like other meat chops, is loin cut taken perpendicularly to the spine of the pig, and there are two kinds of pork chops: bone-in and boneless also, thin cut or thick cut. It is up to you what type of meat do you want to use, but bone-in Pork Chops with the Twist are more juicy than boneless also, with extra flavor. If you choose to use a thick cup pork chops, it takes to bake a little longer ( around 5 minutes longer). Besides, I add potatoes to bake together with pork chops so; the vegetables receive a special taste from marinade.

My recipe is a little different than everybody’s else because of meat preparation; before I start bake pork chops, I marinade them around two hours. Meanwhile, I can take care of other things.

 How to marinate the meat for Pork               Chops with the Twist

                       First option:

Italian dressing, chopped onions, and garlic also, cilantro, oregano, and chili or cayenne pepper, thyme. I like to add the meat tenderizer to the marinade. Also, add whole black peppers and bay leaves.

                       Second option:

Teriyaki original dressing, chopped onions, and garlic, whole black peppers and bay leaves.

                Workflow for marinating meat:

Take a medium size of the bowl and put pork chops to it. Then, using option one or option two, mix everything. Put to refrigerate for at least one hour ( two hours – is better).

                        We need :

A cutting board, knives, baking pan, different sizes of bowls.

Created by JidroneP

Serving 3

pork chops preraration
Preparation of pork chops

Preparation time 10 min

Baking time 20 min for a thick pork chop or 15 min for a

thin pork chop

Total time 3o min or 25 min

           Pork Chops with the Twist

Pork chops 3 ( bone-in or boneless)

Onions 1 big size

Cheese 3 oz. shredded ( Colby Jack)

Mayonnaise 3 big tablespoons

                            First Part of Workflow:

Pork chops with the twist
Preparation of pork chops

First, chop onions and shred cheese.

Second, put pork chops to the baking pan.

Next, sprinkle chopped onions on the top of a pork chop.

Then, add mayonnaise (one big tablespoon on each pork chop) on the top of onions.

Finally, sprinkle shredded cheese.


One: you can use any kind and flavor of the cheese. I like Colby Jack because the top of the pork chop becomes a brown color.

Two: if there any dressing leftover, pour to baking pan.

        Second Part of Workflow:

        Baking the Pork Chops with the Twist

When pork chops are ready to bake, you need to add a half-cup of water and sprinkle a little of salt. Then, cover the baking pan with aluminum foil. After that, preheat the oven to 400 F and bakes 15min ( or 10) or until l pork chops have an internal temperature of 155F. Then, take the foil off and bake around 5 min more or until cheese becomes a brown colo

        Side dishes fit pork chops with the twist: 

Mashed potatoes

Baked/ roasted potatoes

French fries

Boiled potatoes


baked pork chops with the twist
pork chops with the twist


Roasted carrots

Squash (any kind)

Green beans


Boiled/roasted cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini

TIP: if you decided to bake potatoes together with pork chops than cut potatoes in the smaller pieces. To bake potatoes takes longer than meat.

Enjoy eating the Pork Chops with the Twist.

Bon Appetit

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