Stuffed mini meatloaves

                                                               Stuffed mini meatloaves

stuffed mini meatloaves with boiled potatoes and vegetables
stuffed mini meatloaves with boiled potatoes and vegetables

That’s right, stuffed mini meatloaves! You will say ” How? What kind of stuffing could be in the meat?”  Any kind! Boiled eggs and

sauteed onions or mushrooms and onions, even carrots or potatoes. Stuffed mini meatloaves are the best recipe I will share with you today!

This recipe came from my grandmas’ recipe book. According to her recipe and from my practice, stuffed mini meatloaves are juicy, fluffy and super great tasting. Meatloaf is usually made from ground beef, although lamb or pork also,veal and poultry are also used( By Wikipedia)

Also, I like to form them in different shapes and stuff them with a variety of ingredients: shredded carrots and diced onions or mushrooms also, boiled eggs. The possibilities are endless…

                                                                   But before I give you the recipe:

But before I give you the recipe “, I want to give you some tips.

Some questions you may have:

Question one:

Can we substitute the milk for bouillon cube ( broth)? Of course, we can. Take one cube of beef or pork bouillon and dissolve in hot water. In addition, if you don’t have bouillon cube, just use beef or pork broth.

Question two:

Can we freeze them? Of course, we can! If you have leftovers, just freeze them. The taste won’t change. It is the perfect way to save time when you are trying to feed your family on a busy day.

Question three:

What kind of meat should I use for these little guys? Any! I use have beef ( 80/20) and have pork. As we know, beef is a little on the dry side if you use 80/20. So, my advice is to the same amount of pork make the meat softer ( 50% beef + 50% pork)

Next question:

What else I can add to the meat? Spices and seasoning produce a special taste. Basil or cayenne pepper ( for spicy meat lovers) also, cumin or curry powder. I like to use oregano. It makes a perfect taste for me. Also, you can use rosemary or sage and thyme. In addition, use sauce: Worcestershire or Tiger and act. My suggestion for people who like spicy food the Tiger sauce is the perfect option to add to meat.

            Anything else you need to                                        know? Yes! The most important


first, when you are preparing meat and want to add eggs, just beat them. All these beaten eggs make the meat soft and crumbly.

Second, after you mix all the ingredients- make a big ball of meat and pick up from the bowl. Then, drop that big ball into the bowl. Repeat at least four times. After that, mix the meat again. This action makes the meat soft.


Can you substitute bread crumbs for something else? Yes, you can. In short, if I don’t have bread crumbs at home I usually make them from white bread slices. Pour milk or bouillon ( broth) on a couple of slices of bread and wait for a few minutes. Then, transfer the mass of soaking bread to the meat.

In conclusion, all of these steps ensure the meat is soft, juicy and crumbly.

        The first part of stuffed mini                              meatloaves:

                     You need for preparing meat:

Beef 0.5 lb. (80/20 the best but you can use any kind)


ground beef for stuffed mini meatloaves
ground beef for stuffed mini meatloaves

Pork 0.5 lb.

Egg 1 large

Bread crumbs 0.3 cup

Milk 0.5 cup

Or a slice of white bread 1


Onion 0.5-0.8 oz

Garlic 1 clove

ground pork for stuffed mini meatloaves
ground pork for stuffed mini meatloaves

Worcestershire sauce – 1 teaspoon


Tiger Sauce – 1 teaspoon ( optional)

Seasoning a pinch

Black pepper a pinch

Cilantro a pinch

Ketchup 1 teaspoon

            Stuffed mini meatloaves

Created by Jidrone P


Total preparation 1 hour

Serving 3 – 4

      The second part of stuffed mini meatloaves

                  Stuffing preparation:

Seasoning a pinch

Onion 2 oz. chopped

Eggs 1 boiled

         The third part of stuffed mini                            meatloaves

          Add on the side of mini meatloaves:

Carrots 1 big


Celery 1 stick


Potatoes 4-5 medium

In addition, add:

Onion 0.5 oz

prepared meat for
prepared meat


                                                   Meat preparation:

First, beat egg.

Second, mix milk ( bouillon, broth) and bread crumbs or a slice of white bread.

After that, mix beef and pork and add chopped onions, garlic also, add ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Mix well.

Then, put seasoning and spices also, ground peppers. Mix everything.

Finally, add beaten eggs and a mixture of milk and crumbs.

               Stuffing preparation:

First, sauteed onions.

prepared meat and stuffing
prepared meat and stuffing

Second, boiled the egg and cut in a small square

Then, mix onions and egg, add seasoning as well.

Finally, mix everything well.

    Forming stuffed mini              meatloaves

Take a little meat and make a round shape. Then, smash it and put a little bit of stuffing. Then, close sides and make an oval shape.


Use water on your hands because meat likes to stick to fingers ( hand).

Most important:

When forming an oval shape, after stuffing the meat, rub a drop of water on the connecting ends to ensure the meat sticks together because it can open back if dry.

In addition:

You can make not only an oval shape but round as well.

forming stuffed mini meatloaves
forming stuffed mini meatloaves

After that, place these little stuffed meatloaves in the baking dish, add 1/4 cup of water. Take ingredients from part 3 and add next to stuffed mini meatloaves. In short, take carrots and celery also, onions and potatoes, cut them in big pieces and place them to baking dish.


Cut potatoes in 2 or 4 pieces because it takes them to bake longer than the meat.


Cut carrots and celery in smaller pieces also slice the onion.


Preheat oven to 450 F and bake 35 – 45 min ( until potatoes are done). Place these stuffed mini meatloaves and potatoes on the plate and add some slices of tomatoes or any kind of vegetable.

Finally, all done!

ENJOY! I hope you like these stuffed mini meatloaves!

prepared to bake stuffed mini meatloaves
prepared to bake stuffed mini meatloaves

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