Tasty Herring Fish as a Food

Many of us just ignore fish and dishes made from it. But what about herring? I bet, not many of you hear or know what is herring. Or tasty herring fish as a food! Many of us ask: is it possible? Yes!

Herring fish as a food
Canned herring fish as a food
herring fish as a food
canned herring fish as a food

So, when we go to the store we never noticed the small jars on the shelves in the ethnic aisle full of herring, and anchovies or sardines. By the way, they are imported from Scandinavian countries: Sweden and Norway, or the Netherlands. So, you just look at them and see something ” yucky” with the scaly skin floating in wine sauce or just in ” water with onions”. But, just look at the jars.  In short, the first thing comes to mind is “what the hell is that?”. Anyway, stop for a minute and think about it. By the way, why is the herring fish so popular in Europe, the Philippines or the Caribbean? And why we are ignoring herring in our everyday meals? In short,  what is so special about this pickled salty fish?

   Tasty Herring Fish as a food – what about it?

Herring is a forage fish. Belong to a Pacific, Atlantic, and Araucanian names. So, usually, herring is salted to keep it as winter food. In other words, salting fish are easier to transport. Also,  many people are asking is herring and sardines or anchovies the same?. Yes!  And they are from the same Herring family.

However, herring is a staple food in many cultures. Also, prepared in different ways. For example, raw herring with raw onions is a superfood in the Netherlands ( according to Wikipedia). Or, dried herring is eaten in the Philippines. Also, it served with garlic, rice, and eggs for breakfast. And, in Sweden, very fermented herring is eaten with bread and mashed potato or/and diced onions. However, in the Caribbean, smoked herring is fried or sauteed. In addition, they cook with onions, garlic, and other ingredients and serve with rice.

By the way, do you know pickled herring is a part of Scandinavian, Nordic, Dutch, Polish, Baltic, Slavic, Jewish cuisine?

Atlantic herring fish
Atlantic herring fish

      What Kind Of Vitamins And Nutrients Are Found In Herring?

First, herring is full of proteins that help the body for growth and maintenance of the tissue.

Second, it is rich in minerals: iron, selenium and calcium also, magnesium and potassium.

Selenium acts as an oxidant and potassium affects blood pressure also, phosphorus and calcium – for the strong bones and proper kidney function.

Third, full of vitamins A, E, D and thiamine, riboflavin, niacin also, and B-6 and B-12 which keeps your hair, skin, and eyes healthy.

Fourth, full of Omega-3 and Omega-6. In other words, they keep your heart healthy and may lower the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Herring fish nutrition facts
Nutrition Facts

      How to Prepare Herring (Sailfish) for eating

So, we need to know how the herring comes to our table.  It comes in many ways for example, salted or with tomato sauce also, in wine sauce,  and onions or pickled, etc.

Usually, herring in the jars is already prepared and you can incorporate in your meal without extra work. We can make sandwiches or rollmops also, just add raw onions and sour cream on the side.

herring fish sandwich made with row onions, slice of tomato and cucumber
herring fish sandwich

 Tasty Kippered Herring Sandwich as a                                food                

sliced onions


sliced tomatoes

sliced pickles


herring fillet

dinner roll

rollmops: chopped onions and pickles inside

 Tasty Herring Rollmops:

herring fillet


sliced onions or apples,


sliced pickles or sauerkraut


Rolled into a cylindrical shape around the filling.

         Tasty Herring Fish as a Food

But a little more work comes if you get salted herring. First, you need to do: submerge cold water to take saltiness out from herring. ( in other words, change often water and keep herring for couple hours in).  Then, taste it, if it is still salty, just leave it in the cold water for a while longer.

                                              Pickling Herring in Wine and Dill Sauce or

                                      Tasty pickled sailfish as food in wine and dill sauce

Herring fillets 4 – 6

marinated herring in wine and dills
marinated herring in wine and dills

White Wine 1/2 cup

Water 1 – 2 cup

Vinegar 1/2 cup

Sugar 1/4 ( or less) cup

Pickling spice 2 tablespoons


Onion 1 medium, yellow

Dill weed 3 tablespoons

                                      Workflow for tasty herring fish as a food 

  First, remove bones and skin from unsalted herring.


Second, mix all ingredients and bring to boil.

Then,  remove from heat and cool.

Also,  put fillets to the bowl and pour marinade on the top.


Next day take fillets from marinating and here comes your fantasy: serve with boiled potatoes and onions or, slices of boiled egg and sour cream or dills also,  fresh vegetables…….ENJOY  the SALTWATER FISH!

dish of kippered fish with boiled potatoes, raw onions, boiled eggs and sour cream
dish of kippered fish


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