Tasty Potato Pumpkin Pancakes

                      Tasty Potato Pumpkin Pancakes

                              Potatoes – vegetable queen of the world

Today I would like to share with you my best recipe ever: delicious potato pumpkin pancakes. Some people call them a flat cake or potato pumpkin crepes. I prefer to call them a very simple name – a tasty potato pumpkin pancakes.

As we already know, potatoes came from Latino America ( Peru, Bolivia) to northern Europe and fueled the rise of the West. Within three decades, Spanish farmers were exporting potatoes to France and the Netherlands. So, very soon, potatoes became the fourth largest crop in the world. When we go to the store, so we see many different kinds of potatoes. ( also, frozen tasty potato pancakes). For example,  white, red, and purple, yellow or,  gold, russet, etc. In fact,  with this large variety to choose from, we can do many different kinds of dishes. (also, tasty potato pumpkin crepes)

Besides, just imagine what we can do:

potato pumpkin flat cakes with green onions on the top
potato pumpkin pancakes with green onions on the top

With just a few potatoes: baked potatoes ( with cheese or sour cream and onions or plain, etc.). Then, mashed potatoes ( with bacon and chives or cheese) also,  french fries ( everybody knows what is, right?). Besides, boiled potatoes or potato casserole and, of the cause, tasty potato – pumpkin pancakes (flat cake), etc. And it is a whole ‘nether story if we want to add potatoes as a part of the recipe and there are sooo many options…

Pumpkin – Latino Americas’ best vegetable (      tasty flat cake too)

As we know, pumpkin cultivated from a squash plant; it is round, with smooth and slightly ribbed skin. Deep yellow to orange in coloration, though. They are grown on every continent except Antarctica where it is icy and the temp. It is around – 50 F. In short, pumpkin-like potatoes came from the same place and depending on the shape and size is considered a squash or pumpkin. By the way, in this family, we have summer and winter squash, acorn and butternut or, zucchini…

                                              Benefits of  pumpkin and tasty pancakes:

The top pumpkin producing state is Illinois and calls itself the ” Pumpkin Capital of the World.”  So, there are more than 45 different varieties of pumpkin. And they range in color from red or yellow to green and brown.  Also, they are full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. In other words, the benefits of pumpkin – immunity booster and diabetes killer, anti-inflammatory also, fights against anemia and improves bone density.

                                               Tasty potato pumpkin crepes are:

Besides, potato pumpkin pancakes are my family’s favorite food on Sunday mornings. Especially my four-year-old grandson asks for these pancakes many times per week. So, if you decide to make them, I believe you and your family will love them.

First, we lay out all of our ingredients. My grandson likes to help me prepare the batter and watch pancakes frying in the skillet.  Also, these pancakes are great for many reasons: they are soft, smooth, and moist. In addition,  fluffy and easy to prepare.  Also, they’re a healthier alternative to flour pancakes. Now, I would like to share with you my favorite recipe of potato -pumpkin pancakes!

        Tasty potato pumpkin pancakes with yogurt and/or sour cream

                                     topping and green onion garnish

Course: all seasons


Keyword: breakfast, potato pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, vegetable pancakes

Created by Jidrone P

Preparing time: 40 min.

Frying time: 5 – 7 min.

Servings: 6 – 8


You need a bowl, hand iron grinder ( or electric vegetable grinder), spoons, small ladle.


                              Ingredients for tasty potato pumpkin pancakes:

Potatoes: 6 – 8 medium size (russet, white, gold)

Pumpkin: 16 oz.

Half & Half : 0.5 cup


frying potato pumpkin pancakes
frying potato pumpkin pancakes


Eggs: 2 – 3 ( 2 x large or 3 large)

Flour: 0.5 cup

Onion: 1 (small yellow)


Pumpkin pie spice: 2 teaspoons

Ground nutmeg: 2 teaspoons (optional)

Salt: a pinch

Oil: for frying ( any kind)

                          Ingredients for topping:

Yogurt: 7 oz ( any kind)

Sour cream; 2 tablespoons

Green onions: chopped

                         Instructions for a tasty flat cake

First, peel potatoes and pumpkin, grind.

Second, add bitten eggs, chopped onions, half & half.

flipped fried flat cakes
flipped fried flat cakes

Then, whisk very well.

Fourth, add spices and salt to the flour.

Next, add flour/spices mix to the potato pumpkin batter.

And mix well.


take a skillet, pour some oil and preheat pan (medium heat).

After that, take ladle, scoop some batter and pour to the skillet.

Also, fry for a couple of minutes and turn over on the other side. Fry.

Finally, when both sides become beautiful yellowish-orange color ( don’t burn!) time to take them out of the skillet and put on the table.

                               Yogurt/sour cream topping with green onion garnish:

First, take yogurt and sour cream, mix well in the bowl.

Second, pour topping on the side ( or on the top) of pancakes, sprinkle some chopped green onions.

And you have done it!

                                                                        Some tips:

1. When you mix grinned the potatoes and pumpkin, if the liquid appears, skim some juice off the top.

2. You can use not only pumpkin but butternut squash or another kind of squash ( be creative).

3. For frying use any type of oil but olive ( sunflower is best for me).

                                                            Have a good Sunday breakfast!


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